Robobreaker Feedback Round 2


Hey guys, Breeze here again. Based on the amazing feedback i got from you guys, i have made the following changes and modifications to the game.

The new build is available here still for Android only, again your responses and feedback are most appreciated.

  • Added additional indicators to clarify the Back/Cancel and Pause Buttons
  • In the victory scene, changed “BonusCoins” and “TotalCoins” to “Bonus Coins” and “Total Coins” respectively
  • In the victory scene, redesigned the menu and added in icons to clarify the buttons’ usage
  • In the victory scene, sped up the score counters and ensured that they all last the same amount of time.
  • Normalized the coin fall speed and increased it.
  • Added some placeholder art to the first level showing how to control the paddle, also limited the touch area for the paddle.
  • Modified the camera shake code to be framerate independent, should lead to consistent behavior across all devices.
  • Shortened the scene transitions by 80%
  • Removed the leftover button functionality from the robobreaker logo on the main menu
  • Reorganized the coin and ball displays to make the functionality clearer
  • Added the coin and ball displays to all relevant scenes
  • Changed the pause button from a triangle to a diamond 😀
  • Redesigned the pause menu and options menus
  • Added an in-game options button
  • Modified the sounds of the OnHit effects to ensure there’s minimal lag
  • Fixed a bug in the reset game button where it would do nothing

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