Initial Robobreaker Testing Feedback

So yesterday i asked for your assistance testing a game and i must say, the response was much larger than i anticipated. I want to say a big thank you to all who participated and if you haven’t, you still can….just follow this link

Now as to the feedback received

  • Cancel/Back button unclear at first glance x2
  • In-game options menu would be appreciated
  • Music doesn’t reflect the mood implied by the visual style
  • Limit touch controls for the paddle to the lower part of the screen
  • Controls unclear as to whether swipe or slide x3
  • Score counter at the level completion takes too long x2
  • Add more detail to the Robobreaker logo on the main menu
  • Menu transitions are a bit long
  • Tapping the ROBOBREAKER button in the middle of the main menu triggered a downstate for that button.
  • New ball timer unclear.
  • Off-center numbers on the level selection buttons.
  • “Select Paddle ” drop down is too small on certain devices
  • A world transition effect would be an excellent addition
  • Unclear as to the purpose of coins
  • I like the coin idea, though something about the gravity of them feels off. Like it’s too slow.
  • Are there consequences for losing all balls here? I lost all of them and got a free one, then lost that one, then just got more balls. Is this affecting my score? I couldn’t tell?
  • I think some visual feedback for coin gathers and point scoring and ball loss should be there.
  • The red triangle as the pause button isn’t obvious at all. Perhaps throw the traditional pause symbol there? Or give it the aesthetic treatment of the other buttons?
  • Buttons on bottom of victory screen appear off-center.
  • Should BONUSCOINS be two words? Same for TOTALCOINS.

So once again i want to thank you all for the excellent feedback and i will be addressing them in the coming week.

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