Rupie’s Trip

I recently participated in the Global Game Jam 2014 event and I was lucky enough to meet some of the most amazing people ever!

For those of you that do not know what a global game jam is, simply put, it’s an event where a you meet up with a group of people to make a game in 48 hrs. While I had attended many game jams before, this was the best experience i’ve had so far.

Anyway the game we came up with was Rupie’s Trip and below is a description lifted from the ggj14 website because why not?

“Rupie’s Trip is a game starring Rupie the penguin who is exploring an arctic landscape collecting fish that help pave the way for further and more complicated adventures. At the start of each adventure Rupie is hungry giving the perception of a grey and sad landscape, the more fish collected the more colorful the world becomes in correlation to Rupie’s happiness. This game was created during the GGJ Project 2014 at Full Sail University by team Futile Resistance.”

Download for PC, Mac, Android. (PS the android build is not optimized so expect some performance issues)

Alternatively Play in your web browser!

the ggj14 team