Mobola the Mackerel (working title)

Going to try to give updates more often about projects I’m working on.
That said…. Here’s Mobola the Mackerel, a mobile game currently being developed for android.
You play the role of Mobola, a fish trying to get home.
Collect fish and stars.
Avoid enemies.
You can join as a tester via the link below.
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Era of Nightfall Alpha_23ap

This is an alpha build of my final year project, you can help by downloading and testing it on your android device running 2.3 upwards. it is designed for android tablets and as such the UI might be tiny on some devices.

Download Link

Known bugs

  • Enemies might decide to stop attacking when you kill their comrades
  • your characters are functionally immortal
  • some characters’ dialogue text aren’t properly formatted.
  • Animation is continuous

New Features

  • changed forest model and texture
  • modified animation on player character
  • added a new quest