Cannon Siege (GGJ 2017)

With the new year comes the annual global game jam and being in Abuja, it’s a bit difficult finding a site at which to participate. So this year, some friends and I decided to host ourselves. It was a great experience, we learnt a whole lot of stuff and also had fun.

The theme for the jam was WAVES and we decided to make a simple physics based game.

Screenshots below.

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Robobreaker Feedback Round 2


Hey guys, Breeze here again. Based on the amazing feedback i got from you guys, i have made the following changes and modifications to the game.

The new build is available here still for Android only, again your responses and feedback are most appreciated.

  • Added additional indicators to clarify the Back/Cancel and Pause Buttons
  • In the victory scene, changed “BonusCoins” and “TotalCoins” to “Bonus Coins” and “Total Coins” respectively
  • In the victory scene, redesigned the menu and added in icons to clarify the buttons’ usage
  • In the victory scene, sped up the score counters and ensured that they all last the same amount of time.
  • Normalized the coin fall speed and increased it.
  • Added some placeholder art to the first level showing how to control the paddle, also limited the touch area for the paddle.
  • Modified the camera shake code to be framerate independent, should lead to consistent behavior across all devices.
  • Shortened the scene transitions by 80%
  • Removed the leftover button functionality from the robobreaker logo on the main menu
  • Reorganized the coin and ball displays to make the functionality clearer
  • Added the coin and ball displays to all relevant scenes
  • Changed the pause button from a triangle to a diamond 😀
  • Redesigned the pause menu and options menus
  • Added an in-game options button
  • Modified the sounds of the OnHit effects to ensure there’s minimal lag
  • Fixed a bug in the reset game button where it would do nothing

Initial Robobreaker Testing Feedback

So yesterday i asked for your assistance testing a game and i must say, the response was much larger than i anticipated. I want to say a big thank you to all who participated and if you haven’t, you still can….just follow this link

Now as to the feedback received

  • Cancel/Back button unclear at first glance x2
  • In-game options menu would be appreciated
  • Music doesn’t reflect the mood implied by the visual style
  • Limit touch controls for the paddle to the lower part of the screen
  • Controls unclear as to whether swipe or slide x3
  • Score counter at the level completion takes too long x2
  • Add more detail to the Robobreaker logo on the main menu
  • Menu transitions are a bit long
  • Tapping the ROBOBREAKER button in the middle of the main menu triggered a downstate for that button.
  • New ball timer unclear.
  • Off-center numbers on the level selection buttons.
  • “Select Paddle ” drop down is too small on certain devices
  • A world transition effect would be an excellent addition
  • Unclear as to the purpose of coins
  • I like the coin idea, though something about the gravity of them feels off. Like it’s too slow.
  • Are there consequences for losing all balls here? I lost all of them and got a free one, then lost that one, then just got more balls. Is this affecting my score? I couldn’t tell?
  • I think some visual feedback for coin gathers and point scoring and ball loss should be there.
  • The red triangle as the pause button isn’t obvious at all. Perhaps throw the traditional pause symbol there? Or give it the aesthetic treatment of the other buttons?
  • Buttons on bottom of victory screen appear off-center.
  • Should BONUSCOINS be two words? Same for TOTALCOINS.

So once again i want to thank you all for the excellent feedback and i will be addressing them in the coming week.

End of Year 2014 Post

Alright…….. I know I haven’t been the most active blogger and while I have no excuse, I’ll just say that I prefer reading to writing. I was thinking quite recently that this year went by quite fast and I didn’t achieve everything I set out to achieve. However when I got down to counting my blessings, I realized that I accomplished quite a bit. For the purposes of this post, I’ll separate them into categories.

Travel and People

  • Winter Park: Krishna, Tai, Fonz, Raja, jDilla, Pat deBard, Chris, Muffinman Jr., y’all made my stay in winter park an absolute blast, thanks for all the fun memories.
  • A Comic Shop: Hands down the best comic shop i’ve ever been to, excellent service, amazing prices and the Geek Easy, freaking awesome.
  • Futile Resistance (Global Game Jam 2014): Largest game jam team i’ve ever been on, great memories were made that weekend. I totally expected it to crash and burn, instead it went far better than expected and I am proud of what we accomplished.
  • Atlanta: Tai-lo and Mayo, I can’t thank you enough for putting up with me during my job search, you guys are totally amazing hosts, considering I kept eating most of the food and slowing down the network :D. Atlanta though, nice place, but summer heat was wow and the public transportation system? smh.
  • Seattle (iDTech): Now the weather in Seattle was amazing, the few months I spent there were excellent and I would gladly visit there again. So i was in Seattle working at the iDTech camps at UW, turns out that I’m a decent enough teacher and most of the kids actually had fun. Teaching C# and Unity were like second nature by the time summer was over but for some odd reason I was sick during the minecraft weeks. I would like to shout out to all members of staff and colleagues, I had a most excellent time, y’all are awesome.
  • Ibadan: Got to see family members i hadn’t seen in forever, met my 2 remaining grandparents who are still very strong. Visited the farm, interesting how quickly a community can spring up.
  • Abuja: Back home after 2 years, some things haven’t changed, some have changed quite a lot. Funny how fast kids grow when you haven’t seen them in a long time. Met old friends, made new friends already. Set up home office, finally getting a driver’s license (mobility +20).



  • Magic the Gathering: Started playing magic the gathering, it’s an amazing card game and the depth of it is simply astounding. What got me into magic the gathering were the Sliver cards, ended up building 2 sliver decks 😀 unfortunately i haven’t been able to play much since there is literally no mtg scene in abuja.
  • Shadow of Mordor: Fluid combat, dynamic events, excellent mounts, decent story and then there’s the Nemesis system. probably one of my best games this year, only one i’ve actually replayed (not counting Civilizations or Crusader Kings or Mount & Blade). It’s always fun taking on an entire stronghold by yourself and the feeling of accomplishment is quite intoxicating.

Toise Update 1.1

Spent most of last week working on an update for my game Toise on iOS and android, intial release on BlackBerry 🙂


  • Changed platform generation
  • fixed platforms appearing offscreen
  • reworked the main menu
  • changed number of fruits shown at once
  • some audio tweaks

Get it here